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BOSS TU-2 Chromatic Tuner

BOSS TU-2 Chromatic Tuner

Wasting time trying to tune to your bassist? Bassist trying to tune to you? Drummer still smacking away at the kit? Well luckily for both of you the Boss TU-2 is a necesity in your musical arsenal.

The Boss TU-2 has an 11 point LED screen providing an unmatched accuracy whilst giving no added feedback and therefore completely silent among the rest of your pedals. By cutting off the live signal, you can tune up on stage without the audience noticing, and if you have no pedal board, the TU-2 only uses some juice from the 9v battery giving it a much longer life. Compatible for both guitarists and bassists, this pedal can also be thrown at the drummer with unrivaled accuracy (not recommended).

* BOSS world-renowned TU-Series tuner accuracy in a convenient stompbox design
* Mute/Bypass select for silent tuning with a single stomp
* 11-point LED indicators and new "stream" meter display tuning discrepancy via speed and direction of LEDs (speed of LED movement gets slower as pitch becomes more accurate)
* 7-segment LED displays string and note names, easily visible on dark stages
* Seven easy tuning modes include Chromatic, Guitar Regular, Guitar Flat, Guitar Double Flat, Bass Regular, Bass Flat, Bass Double Flat
* Tuning mode setting and display style choice stored in memory
* Adjustable reference pitch from 438 to 445Hz
* 8-octave tuning range--the widest in its class
* Footswitchable Tuner Off mode preserves battery life by disabling LEDs

Product Code:
Height: 5.9cm (2.3")
Width: 7.3cm (2.9")
Depth: 13cm (5.1")
Effects Type:
Power Supply:

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