Behringer Rotary Machine RM600

Introducing the ROTARY MACHINE RM600 Effects Pedal from BEHRINGER
The RM600 ROTARY MACHINE spins the entire history of 3-dimensional rotary speaker effects in one compact pedal. Its stereo rotary speaker simulations let your guitar tone swirl around the stage with a single stomp.
The RM600 ROTARY MACHINE box features dedicated rotary controls Slow and Fast rotation speed, Drive (to squeeze the last drop of dynamics out of your tone) and Drum/horn blend. 2 slide switches let you choose 3 ramp speeds and 3 classic rotary speaker sounds. And the featured Real Sound Modeling (RSM) DSP turns out stunning realism that will have your audience looking for those old funky spinning speakers that used to be the only way to create this sound. The tough metal footswitch maintains straight-wire signal integrity in bypass mode. A clear blue LED indicates power status and battery condition. The RM600 pedal runs on both our BEHRINGER PSU-SB DC power supply and a typical 9 V battery for maximum flexibility.
Take the RM600 ROTARY for a spin and take your audience on the ride of their lives!